What Is a RACI Chart? Template, Example, & Definitions

It eliminates communication outside the project team, which would need to be accounted for another way in the project management method. For example, I know in creating this article that I’m the responsible party, because I’m doing the work of writing. And they likely have consulted and informed others around them, such as a managing editor and an SEO specialist.

Before we get into the technical components of creating a RACI chart, let’s dive into stakeholder engagement briefly. A recent McKinsey study highlighted three key areas for engaging external stakeholders effectively — a corporate purpose, active use of technology, and organizational agility. We love this template from Smartsheet because it’s colorful, thorough, and includes room for every party involved in the project. Cerri Project is a comprehensive PPM solution integrating project portfolio management and strategic planning features to drive value for your business. Strategic execution of project portfolios, business initiatives and objectives. To take our example again, it’s possible the executive sponsor wants to be the person who meets with the clients to get their approval, hence they would be responsible for this task.

Examples of a RACI Matrix

Today’s business environment is complex – you may be contending with matrix structures, rapid growth, mergers, multiple locations, virtual employees, and/or digital transformation. Developing raci defintion an efficient project delivery strategy is the key meeting deliverables and… Finally, Wrike makes it effortless to set up a RACI chart, even if you have no experience with them.

raci defintion

The RACI chart is a popular tool in project management, as it helps project managers clarify roles and responsibilities. Yet it’s arguably even more useful in Agile processes, where there’s a need for cross-functional collaboration and it can be easy to get confused about who should be doing what. The goal of the RACI model is to bring structure and clarity regarding the roles that stakeholders play within a project.

Role expectation

From the moment you set up your RACI chart, you can assign the roles and responsibilities in Wrike and delegate tasks so that each team member knows what they should be working on at every moment. Now that you have all the roles (or the individuals responsible for various tasks) it’s time to list the tasks themselves. Request feedback to resolve any potential conflicts or ambiguities among tasks or assigned roles.

To summarize, you’re responsible if you have a task to complete, and you’re accountable if you have to check in with stakeholders with a progress update. For example, you might like to color-code roles and responsibilities, add additional information, or leave a space at the bottom for relevant notes and comments. With a RACI matrix, also known as a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM), every team member will know exactly what they should be doing at all times. The RACI definition is an acronym that stands for responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed.

When Should You Use a RACI Matrix?

The project or program manager will be able to look at each of the tasks and assign them to someone within the team. There’s no one to wonder who is responsible for a specific task because if you don’t know you can simply log into the system and immediately see who the owner of the task is. Because everyone is assigned a task, everyone can see who is responsible, communication is improved and everyone knows when and how to get their tasks done there’s no downtime. There’s also no overlap between people doing the same task at the same time. The job gets done more quickly and more efficiently, decreasing the amount of money spent. Project management require the involvement of multiple individuals; this is a fact.

raci defintion

Let’s examine how you might use a RACI chart to develop a new software application. With a RACI chart, you can plot out the whole process, from outlining to publishing the white paper. This is a great opportunity to call a meeting and make sure you haven’t accidentally missed anything — or anyone. Ask your team and each member individually if they’re satisfied that the information is correct and that they know exactly what is expected of them. One of the primary limitations of the RACI matrix is that it can create more problems than it solves in some cases.

Variations of RASCI

Project managers and teams should consult these stakeholders ahead of starting a task to get input on their needs, and again throughout the work and at the completion of a task to get feedback on the outcome. Without proper assignment of duties, the possibility of time wasters and team members slacking off is very high. While on the other hand, certain team members may feel overwhelmed as they have been handed too much work to complete. For some organizations, a single party responsibility is best for the completion of a task. They believe that to brin two or more responsible for this one task would be an inefficient use of project resources.

raci defintion

A RACI Matrix template is easy to adjust, and it’s therefore tempting to use it again for standardisation. To preserve the quality of the RACI Model, we advise looking at the most frequent mistakes and pitfalls in the development. Avoid these mistakes and pitfalls and make sure that the RACI Matrix is accurate and the project successful. Below, we discuss several steps that the user must follow to develop his own RACI Matrix. If you want everyone to know what’s expected of them, you need to communicate that early and often. Our team is comprised of expert consultants, trainers, and facilitators, who can help your teams and their leaders achieve a seamless level of collaboration.


By clarifying the hierarchy of approvals with EPC, your organization benefits from a significant increase in efficiency and rapid execution of document control, processing, and secure authentication. A good way to look at deciding what goes into the matrix would be to think of the process itself as opposed to one-off individual tasks. So for example, the UI of a new feature needs to be in the matrix (the designers doing the job, the client, the developers and the project manager). As for whether a button should be green or red, square or rounded; that can be left to the team and not as part of the RASCI matrix. It focuses on assigning decision-making responsibilities between different roles, unlike RACI which is purely task-driven. A matrix will be needed now as we would be going row by row to define each roles involvement in the project.

  • With a RACI chart, there’s no doubt about who is in charge of what.
  • Feel free to group tasks by project phase like we’ve done in the RACI chart example below.
  • These individuals do not have to be consulted or be a part of the decision-making, but they should be made aware of all project updates.
  • Then enter the corresponding role for each letter in column B and their definitions in column C, like we’ve done in the example below.
  • Make sure that it’s publically available — the project management tool you’re using to run your project is a great place to keep it.
  • With a RACI chart in a spreadsheet or a sheet of grid paper, you have a snapshot of everyone involved in the project, their roles, and the tasks they’re responsible for.

Now, once you’ve laid down your project’s concrete actions, tasks and roles, it’s time to make it happen. At this point, it’s important that you actually go through the process of using the right type of gantt chart software to help you. In fact, a tool like Instagantt can help your RACI chart become alive and to visualize your project, especially when it involves multiple parties. After all, that’s how you’re going to get the most out of the process, right?

Best practices for using RACI charts in project management

The RACI chart is a way of proactively combating potential project issues before they arise. To navigate the obstacles that inevitably arise with most projects, it’s best to have a reliable system to lean on that clearly outlines roles, responsibilities, and processes. The RASCI chart is an alternative to the RACI that is probably used more frequently. RASCI is an acronym that stands for Responsible, Accountable, Supportive, Consulted, and Informed. The roles on the team that assist the member who is ultimately responsible for completing the task are referred to as Supportive. The distinction between Supportive and Consulted lies in that Supportive will take an active role in the task at hand, whereas Consulted will provide information.


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