What Is Mobile Attribution and How Does It Work?

On mobile devices, the constantly changing array of apps, devices and IP addresses, makes that journey much less linear. With marketing budgets spread so wide, companies must know which tactic convinces a customer to convert. Measurement techniques for mass-market, analog advertising tools have always been imprecise. For example, post-buy analysis gives media planners and buyers an estimate of how many people watched a TV channel during a certain time slot. But even today, you never know how many of them really saw your ad or went to get a snack when it aired.

what is mobile attribution

They provide a streamlined view of data from multiple sources, reducing the burden of going back and forth between various ad platforms. Preventing ad fraud and adapting to new frameworks like SKAdNetwork are some other benefits of working with attribution providers. While B2B commonly performs omnichannel marketing, B2C is less diverse here. So in the first case, the linear attribution model can be the clue, and for B2C, the last touch concept should make sense.

Looking for a mobile app attribution solution?

Mobile attribution resides at the intersection of marketing, data
analytics, and engineering. A mobile attribution platform will
produce valuable insights only to the extent it can trace marketing
campaigns to particular user actions in the app. Mobile attribution is a little bit of a muddled web, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a crucial addition to any mobile marketing stack.

what is mobile attribution

Get in touch with Trackier to learn more about our attribution services and our Mobile Marketing Platform. As you may already know, your device’s IP address is a piece of information that allows it to communicate with other machines through the internet. Your IP address changes depending on your location, so it can be used to determine where you are connecting to the internet.

What is marketing attribution?

Look for platforms that include the ability to set up custom events and conversion goals, as well as the ability to integrate with other marketing and analytics tools and those which emphasise different metrics. Mobile attribution platforms help businesses analyze their user behaviour and interaction. Specifically, they’re able to perform data analysis, device fingerprinting, offer data dashboards and a lot more. The best type of app attribution will depend on your specific goals and needs. Each approach has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider your options and choose the one that best aligns with your business objectives. When looking to choose an attribution partner, be sure to find one that will help you attribute your marketing spend to tangible results.

Your mobile attribution tools and model should be tailored for your business type. Mobile attribution also helps mobile app developers and companies determine how users are interacting with apps and mobile ads. This information can then be used to optimize marketing campaigns, the user experience of an app, and more. Furthermore, mobile app attribution is essential for optimization of all kinds. By tracking user events, and understanding how users behave when faced with paid activity, you can change and improve almost every aspect of your app, your creatives, and your ad spend. Mobile attribution platforms provide an array of advanced features and capabilities for tracking and measuring the performance of mobile marketing campaigns, including user acquisition, retention, and engagement.

Target. Connect. Engage: Driving profitable app growth with revenue-boosting strategies

Identify an MMP that will scale with you – one that will maintain the level of accuracy and privacy as you grow. Look for an MMP that uses data clean rooms, or a vetted pool of first-party data from multiple data sources, which can verify your data without exposing personally identifiable information (PII). Throughout this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about marketing attribution, why it’s important, the different methodologies, and how to measure your ads effectively. Mobile attribution is one of the major tools to ensure marketers can create effective marketing strategies inside a multi-billion-dollar market.

what is mobile attribution

Accurate mobile attribution is one of the most important tools used by mobile marketers to ensure the sustainable growth of their apps. First install is a metric that shows the time and date that an app was first installed on a mobile device. Note that, in most cases, this metric is only registered after the app has been opened for the first time. Moreover, there are many other pieces of information mobile attribution definition collected by mobile attribution platforms, but these can vary depending on your provider and the plan you choose. To address this information problem, mobile attribution platforms
like Kochava and Adjust offer software development kits (SDKs)
for developers to integrate directly into their apps. As a developer,
you ship your app to your end users with the attribution SDK included.

Mobile Attribution Explained

More importantly, unique tracking IDs could be shared with
other platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads to create
traceable mobile attribution funnels. Other valuable data points
can https://www.xcritical.com/ include financial data, customer service interactions,
satisfaction scores, and referrals. Learn more about mobile attribution with Adjust, and Adjust’s all-in-one data hub, Datascape.

what is mobile attribution

There’s still the Google referrer, which is helpful, but Privacy Sandbox will be essential for fully understanding mobile attribution on Android from 2024 and on. Mobile attribution connects app installs with marketing efforts, like an ad, a marketing campaign, or influencer marketing. Last click attribution is the most common type of attribution model used today. This model measures the last click on an ad as the direct responsible for generating a conversion. Additionally, this model relies on a simple conversion flow, so ads that use lack click attribution are often easier to convert.

Google & Android

Marketing attribution, in general, is the practice of matching causes such as channels and campaigns with effects such as purchases and revenue. Simply put, it is the process of understanding the impact marketers made on a specific goal. It is very similar to the U-Shaped mobile app attribution but it assigns a 30% credit rate between the first touch, lead stage, and last touch. Previously, Apple made available an
IDFA identifier,
and attribution platforms could use it to track per-device actions.

  • Adjust then goes beyond attribution reports, giving you the power of verified purchases and fraud protection to make sure your data stays clean and reliable.
  • That’s why Adjust is here to simplify the process and walk through your marketing journey as a partner in measurement.
  • This was the superior investment if more people from campaign B wind up completing in-app purchases – or perhaps land you some large ad whales.
  • There is no one-fits-all approach to marketing success, and only by consistently and proactively modifying your action plan can you seize opportunities.
  • The challenge for mobile marketers is that mobile attribution is changing massively right now.
  • In short, marketing attribution determines how each touchpoint contributes to the customer journey, while marketing measurement quantifies the performance of marketing campaigns with metrics.

However, the problem with the last-click method is that it doesn’t always provide accurate attribution. For example, if an email campaign prompts a buying decision, but the user clicks on an AdWord ad, the marketing attribution automatically goes to AdWord and not your campaign. That said, last-click works best if you need insights into the action that drove the installation. Samuel Harries is a Content Manager at Adjust, the industry leader in mobile measurement and fraud prevention.

Track user events to optimize your app

Businesses can determine which campaigns are driving the most engagement and revenue and optimize their campaigns in real time, making adjustments to targeting and messaging to improve overall performance. Mobile attribution provides businesses with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their mobile marketing campaigns. Using the platforms, brands gain insights into user engagement, conversion rates, and other key metrics and are able to optimize their marketing strategies as well as increase their return on investment. Using mobile attribution enables businesses to optimize their marketing efforts, improve their user acquisition, and increase their overall revenue. Mobile attribution is a retrospective causal analysis that helps you identify your strongest channels and campaigns. While this is in itself meaningful, what is more important is to keep adapting in the ever-changing marketing landscape.

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In this model, first and last touchpoints are given the most credit, while interactions in between are given a little credit as well. This is a more balanced approach to first-touch or last-touch attribution. Buying cycles differ depending on the customer segment, your product offering, pricing, and timing. That’s why it’s important to set a time frame that makes sense when measuring attribution. A window that’s too short may not paint the whole picture, while a too-long window can give too much credit to ineffectual campaigns.


By adding specific lines of code to a mobile app, developers are able to push users to the app store to download their app if they don’t have it and then forward them to the intended location. Mobile attribution is the process of measuring two metrics, such as ad spend and app installs. Given that the mobile advertising industry will exceed $244 billion by 2020, you need to know which strategies and channels are wasting your money or generating the most returns. We’ll cover the different types of attribution models later, but each approach comes with its own benefits and drawbacks as well.


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