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Irritates b. *I Mariju samu to nervira. c. ’ d. *I samu nju to nervira. nervira. irritates 42 Miloje Despić The contrast exhibited in (3) is significant to the extent that it exists in Italian, a language with overt articles. Longobardi (1994), following Postal (1969), argues that pronouns in Italian underlyingly occupy the D position, and that nouns are generated in N positions, and may, in some languages, raise to D. Importantly, this movement can only take place in the absence of articles suggesting that the D position is the landing site.

2007. On the Universality of DP: A View from Russian. Studia Linguistica. 61(1): 59–94. Pereltsvaig, Asya & Steven Franks. 2004. Functional Categories in the Nominal Domain. In Proceedings of FASL 12. The Ottawa Meeting 2003, ed. by Arnaudova, Olga, Wayles Browne, Maria Luisa Rivero, & Danijela Stojanovic, 109–128 Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. Progovac, Ljiljana. 1998. Determiner Phrase in a Language Without Determiners. Journal of Linguistics 34: 165–179. Rappaport, Gilbert. 1992. On the Adnominal Genitive and the Structure of Noun Phrases in Russian and Polish.

This is in contrast to Rappaport’s (1998) and Pereltsvaig’s (2004) claim that possessives are covert or hidden genitive nouns. As the tree in (28) shows, the possessive, Jovanove ‘John’s’, is analyzed as an N’-adjunct, on a par with the attributive adjective stare. By analyzing possessives as N’-adjuncts, we are able to explain why they can switch their usual order with ordinary adjectives, as shown in (27). However, not all possessives have the syntactic status of an adjunct. ³ (29) a. poss thorough description self’s ‘Mary’s thorough description of her mother’ b.

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