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By W. M. Manger, I. H. Page (auth.), Julian Rosenthal M.D. (eds.)

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JI' link is frequently absent. Although a number of enOUTPUT vironmental factors have been implicated in the genesis of essential hypertension, the evidence is VISCOSITY often circumstantial. There is no question that exFigure 13. Page's mosaic theory of hypertension. , ref 174, p 2867 blood pressure in those genetically predisposed to hypertension. Increased potassium intake can ameliorate the hypertension caused by sodium excess. treatment and especially for prevention of Whether sodium consumption is of central imporhypertension.

Lancet 1:349-353 KW, Manning RD Jr, Norman RA Jr (1973) Arterial 111. Gaskell P (1967) Digital vascular response to angiopressure regulation. Overriding dominance of the tensin II in normotensive and hypertensive subjects. kidneys in long-term regulation and in hypertension. In: Laragh JH (ed) Hypertension manual. Circ Res 20:174-184 Dun-Donnelley, New York, pp 111-134 112. Geffen LB, Rush RA, Louis WJ, Doyle AE (1973) Plasma dopamine-iJ-hydroxylase and noradrenaline 128. Haddy F, Pamnani M, Clough D (1978) Review: The amounts in essential hypertension.

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