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By L. P. Hughston

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This long-awaited textbook bargains a concise one-semester advent to simple basic relativity appropriate for arithmetic and physics undergraduates. Emphasis is put on the student's improvement of either a superb actual take hold of of the topic and a cosmopolitan calculational facility. The textual content is supplemented by way of various geometrical diagrams and through a wide collection of demanding workouts and difficulties.

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Isx ) ∂ ( is y ) ∂ ( isz ) ∂ ( −η ) iλ = − − − − ∂x ∂y ∂z ∂ ( il )  (47a) or, on eliminating the imaginary,  ∂pxx ∂pxy ∂pxz ∂bx − − − k x = − x y z ∂ ∂ ∂ ∂l  . . . . . . .  . . . . . . .  ∂s ∂s y ∂sz ∂η − − λ = − x − ∂x ∂y ∂z ∂l  (47b) When expressed in the latter form, we see that the first three equations state the principle of momentum; pxx . . pzz are the Maxwell stresses in the electro-magnetic field, and (b x , b y, b z ) is the vector momentum per unit volume of the field.

Vanish in this case, the contribution to the energy tensor must be of the form p δ µν . We must therefore put Tµν = σ uµ uν + p δ µν At rest, the density of the matter, or the energy per unit volume, is in this case, not σ but σ − p. For −T44 = −σ dx4 dx4 − pδ 44 = σ − p dτ dτ In the absence of any force, we have ∂Tµν ∂xν = σ uν ∂uµ ∂xν + uµ 30 ∂ (σ uν ) ∂p + =0 ∂xν ∂xµ  dxµ   and sum for the µ ‘s we obtain, using (40).  dτ  If we multiply this equation by u µ  = − where we have put ∂p dxµ ∂xµ dτ = dp dτ classical mechanics by the term ∂ (σ uν ) dp + =0 dτ ∂xν (52) .

We therefore put δ Aν = −Γνα β Aα dxβ (67) In addition, we can state that the Γνα β must be symmetrical with respect to the indices α and β. For we can assume from a representation by the aid of a Euclidean system of local co-ordinates that the same parallelogram will be described by the displacement of an element d(1)xν along a second element d(2)xν as by a displacement of d(2)xν along d(1)xν. We must therefore have d (2) xν + ( d (1) xν − Γνα β d (1) xα d (2) xβ ) = d (1) xν + ( d (2) xν − Γνα β d (2) xα d (1) xβ ) The statement made above follows from this, after interchanging the indices of summation, α and β, on the right-hand side.

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