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B. 4 below). All are in agreement, however, about their general nature: (i) Association of tiers generally starts at one margin of a word or morpheme (left or right) and links features on one tier to features on another one to one, proceeding away from the margin. (The status of right to left spreading is somewhat controversial, however. ) (ii) Most autosegmental analyses allow one to many mappings as illustrated in (3), that is, cases in which a segment on one tier is associated with several segments on another tier.

It seems safe to say Page 28 that of all the issues raised by the theory of multitiered representations within the last ten years, the proper statement of association has generated the most controversy. Yet in a way it is an issue which has escaped serious comparative examination. By this I mean that there has been little attempt to make association principles within tonal systems consistent with association principles within harmony systems or nonconcatenative morphology, or to see if there are ways in which they differ systematically.

All are in some sense underspecified since they are not at this point independently pronounceable (that is, each ''segment" is only a partial feature bundle). Of course, assuming that segments on independent tiers are linked together through the operation of association rules, they can end up fully specified at the end of an autosegmental derivation. Clements (1980a) argues that this sort of underspecification is not subject to the usual objections to underspecification; I refer the reader to that work for the relevant argument.

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