Yiannis Manetas's Alice in the Land of Plants: Biology of Plants and Their PDF

By Yiannis Manetas

ISBN-10: 3642283373

ISBN-13: 9783642283376

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Why is it that vegetation wouldn't have to maneuver? How does a nonmotile organism have intercourse or guard itself? Why are a few crops almost immortal? what's the mechanism that enables crops to take advantage of a virtually inexhaustible extraterrestrial strength resource? How do vegetation keep watch over the composition of our planet’s surroundings? Why have there now not been mass extinctions between vegetation as there were between animals? How do vegetation converse with each other? in spite of everything, are crops clever organisms?

These are a number of the questions the writer discusses to illustrate that crops are wrongly thought of to be basic organisms missing particular behaviour and intelligence. This publication supplies to be as friendly a shock as Alice’s event within the white rabbit’s warren, within which she encountered an international very various from ours.

The writer explains the biology of vegetation following Einstein's maxim that every little thing might be made so simple as attainable, yet now not simpler.

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Therefore, light intensity gradually decreases within the leaf; the deeper it goes, the less intense is the light so that it is not sufficient at the deeper layers. This means there is no point in the leaf being thicker. The optimal construction for a leaf would have only one layer of cells with only one layer of chloroplasts within each cell; however, this leaf would be extremely fragile. 5 mm) thick, which is a compromise Nutritional selfsufficiency and immobility dictate the basic plan for the construction of the plant body Why do leaves have a large surface area in comparison to their volume?

27 Alice in The Land of Plants What can the total length of the root system be? Why are plants usually nonsymmetric? Bodies are nonsymmetric because of nonsymmetric resource distribution 28 root system, that is, the length measured if one places in line not only the main root branches but all tiny rootlets as well. A humble annual clover plant with around 20 small leaves, growing in well-watered soil, needs so much water that although its main root is hardly longer than 20 cm, if all the branching rootlets are included, the total length would be close to 7 m.

The tissue responsible for this task is the bone marrow. Here, juvenile cells, the so-called stem cells, maintain their capacity to divide so that they produce blood cells while maintaining their own numbers. A second group of juvenile cells are dispersed in the areas under the skin and the interior epithelia (the internal lining covering the lungs and digestive system) and renew the damaged cells throughout life. Other than these cells’ activities, . giving us the opportunity to determine the age of a plant from its annual rings The concept of physical disability is unknown among plants 37 Alice in The Land of Plants Corresponding nonspecialised juvenile cells among animals (the so-called stem cells) are capable only of patching repair work 38 however, there is no possibility in the human body for continuous, mass cell replacement.

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