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The positive definite kernels (60) differ by an additive real constant coO 26 8. 1. A (positive definite) kernel k:XxX~C is called infinitely divisible, if Vn E N there exists a (positive definite) kernel k n such that k':; =k where k':; denotes the n- th Schur power of k n . 1. For a PD kernel the following statements are equivalent: (i) k is infinitely divisible (ii) Vn E Nand Vx, y E X there exists a choice of th e n - th root of k(x, y) such that th e kernel kl /n (x , y) := (k( x, y))l/n is PD (iii) For each t 2': 0 the kernel kt(x, y) := k(x , y)t is PD.

Phys. A: Math. , 41 (2008). 6. - - - : Cohomology of the Virasoro-Zamolodchikov and Renormalized Higher Powers of White Noise *- Lie algebras, Infinite Dimensional Anal. Quantum Probab. Related Topics, Vol. 2 (2009) 120. 7. - - -: Quantum probability, renormalization and infinite dimensional *Lie algebras, SIGMA (Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications), 5 (2009), 056 , 31 pages. 8. - - - : Central extensions and stochastic processes associated with the Lie algebra of the renormalized higher powers of white noise, Proceedings of the 11th workshop: non-commutative harmonic analysis with applications to probability, Bedlewo, Poland, August 2008, Banach Center Publ.

Indeed we have, for all Az E £i(V) 0= (X, AZ 0 for all n E I, (X 'Pz, 'Pk) = 0 for all k, lEI. Then X = o. The vector is also separating for £i (V). Suppose in fact that Az = O. Then we can prove that Az = O. This follows from the fact that 0 = 49 (A1cI>, A1cI»2 = I:nEI An IIArpn 11 2 , which implies again that A = 0 and Al = O. We can now define an operator way: Pi ,j mapping N into N in the following Pi,j := Xi,i V Xj,j (67) It is possible to check that Pi~j = P i, j and that Pi ,j Pk,l = bi,kbj,lPi, j.

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