A Technical Manual for Parasitic Weed Research and Extension by J. Kroschel (auth.), Jürgen Kroschel (eds.) PDF

By J. Kroschel (auth.), Jürgen Kroschel (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9781402006456

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ISBN-13: 9789401000055

Parasitic weeds of the households Cuscutaceae, Orobanchaceae and Scrophulariaceae are thought of to be one of the significant difficulties dealing with agriculture within the Tropics and Subtropics. within the final many years, huge, immense efforts were made and luck completed via scientists around the world in gaining a greater realizing in their biology and ecology in addition to of keep an eye on equipment. although, no tremendous aid of infestation has been accomplished long ago and keep an eye on techniques particular to the various parasites, plants and farming platforms has to be extra constructed or tailored and realised between a much broader farming inhabitants with appropriate extension equipment. This `Technical guide' presents updated methodologies for varied elements of study and extension regarding parasitic weed species of the genera Striga, Alectra, Orobanche and Cuscuta. It has the purpose to aid scientists and extension employees of overseas and nationwide study and extension institutes and universities, who're both new to the topic or plan to use additional thoughts they aren't but popular with.

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Joel OM, V Portnoy & N Katzir 1996. Identification of single tiny seeds of Orobanche using RAPD analysis. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 14: 6-11. Katzir N, V Portnoy, G Tzuri, M CastejonMufioz & DM Joel 1996. Use of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers for the study of the parasitic weed Orobanche. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 93: 367-372. Sambrook J, EF Fritch & T Maniatis 1989. Molecular cloning: a laboratory manual, 2nd edn. Vols. 1-3. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

R:ir Sprinkle the parasite seeds on each disc. 5 ml deionized water (to enhance preconditioning in Orobanche 50 to 100 ppm gibberellic acid may be added). co- Place the discs containing the seeds in the Petri dishes prepared above. co- Enclose the Petri dishes in black plastic and close tightly to prevent water evaporation. co- Place the Petri dishes then in a dark incubator at different temperature regimes and duration of storage depending on the parasitic weed species as follows: Striga: 20-28°C (S.

Analysis of the Striga problem, the first step towards future joint action. ), Advances in Parasitic Weed Control at On-farm Level. Vol. I. Joint Action to Control Striga in Africa. Margraf Verlag, Weikersheim, Germany, 3-25. Runge-Metzger A, J Kroschel, J Sauerborn 1997. The economics of Striga control in different farming systems in Northern Ghana. ), 3rd General Workshop of the Pan-African Striga Control Network (PASCON) ,Integrated Management of Striga for the African Farmer" Oct. 18-23, 1993, Harare, Zimbabwe.

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A Technical Manual for Parasitic Weed Research and Extension by J. Kroschel (auth.), Jürgen Kroschel (eds.)

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