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By P. Hawthorne

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B' - the magnetic field strength, in T. 'amu' - the value of the atomic mass unit, in kg. e - the charge on the electron, in C. PROCchoose_sample is self explanatory. If you want to add extra data the format for the DATA statement is identification letter, chemlcal symbol, number of isotopes, mass of first isotope, relative abundance, mass number, mass of second isotope, etc. ) PROCadjust_B waits for one of the control keys to be pressed (1550-1570) and then takes suitable action. Line 1580 inverts the logical value of the Boolean variable 'coarse%' if the currently selected range is compatible with the key pressed.

860 PROCscale draws and labels a scale, starting at the point (X,Y). 990 PROCvernier draws the vernier scale. 1140 FNI(R) returns an integer that gives the first significant figure after the decimal point of 'R'. 1150 PROCcentre prints the supplied string on the centre of the specified line. Program Description 10-790 Main program section. 240-490 K% loop to give five examples. 1 and 20. 1 mm. 300 A=left edge of rectangle; B=left edge of scale; C=top of scale. 320-340 Draw the complete vernier scale.

Num% 3130 IF num%<>no of isotopes THEN PROCwrong ELSE PROCright 3140 UNTIL right 3150 PROCpause(3):CLS 3160 IF no of isotopes>l THEN PRINT .... " 3260 UNTIL right 3270 PROCpause(3):CLS 3280 NEXT 1% 3290 PRINT .... " ENDPROC DEF PROCright right=TRUE PRINT ...... " ENDPROC DEF PROChelp CLS :try%=O PRINT ...... "You have to use the following formula tocalculate the mass, m :" PRINT ...... TAB(16);"m=B";CHR$ 227;"rQ/E" PRINT "'" where:"'" "'''r=2. 08m" . "'''Q=e=l. 6xlO-19C" ...... "E=50,000V/m" PRINT ......

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