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By Aniket Sule

It is a compilation of difficulties from the overseas Olympiad in Astronomy and
Astrophysics (2007-2012).

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Estimate the effective temperature of the photosphere of the Sun using the naked eye colour of the Sun. (I10 - T13 - A) 3. The difference in brightness between two main sequence stars in an open cluster is 2 magnitudes. Their effective temperatures are 6000K and 5000K respectively. Estimate the ratio of their radii. (I10 - T12 A) 4. Luminous Blue Variable (LBV) stars greatly vary in visual brightness; however, their bolometric magnitude remains constant. Imagine a LBV star with a black body temperature of 5000 K at its maximum visual brightness, and 30,000 K at its minimum visual brightness.

The Galactic Center is believed to contain a super-massive black hole with a mass M = 4 × 106 M⊙ . The astronomy community is trying to resolve its event horizon, which is a challenging task. For a nonrotating black hole, this is the Schwarzschild radius, R⊙ = 3(M/M⊙ ) km. Assume that we have an Earth-sized telescope (using Very Long Baseline Interferometry). What wavelengths should we adopt in order to resolve the event horizon of the black hole? (I10 - T08 - B) 4. What is the minimum diameter of a telescope, observing in the visible and near ultraviolet bands and located at one of the Lagrangian points L4 or L5 s of the Sun-Earth system, in order to be able to detect the Earth’s wobbling relative to the ecliptic plane caused by the gravitational action of the Moon?

1 gives the telescope and the image specifications. EA: In the IOAA 2009, this table was printed on a single A3 sheet as 50 × 50 grid. Here this table is divided in two parts to fit to the size of the book. Part II of the table should be put to the right of part I to complete the grid. The observer identified stars 1, 3 and 4 by comparing this image with standard star catalogues. 2 shows stars true magnitudes (mt ) as given in the catalogue. (a) Using the available data, determine the instrumental magnitudes of the stars in the image.

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