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This is often the 1st entire grammar of a non-Indo-European language from the Northwest Caucasian relations in a language except Russian that covers all parts of the grammar. Kabardian is advanced at each point. The language handled isn't the literary usual, yet Kabardian because it used to be present in texts & within the mouths of Kabardians. This learn is an boost over grammatical sketches of similar languages in that it provides an entire account of the phonology & morphology of the language, accounting for what have been formerly often called 'random variants'. The ebook supplies the reader the 1st account of the syntax of this language. it is going to supply the world expert entry to the language. it is going to provide the linguist attracted to complicated languages entry to a very tricky language, & it is going to provide the theoretical linguist entry to a language that shows topological exotica at each point of its grammar, from phonetics to the lexicon.

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Thechildren of poor families were often sold as mamelukes or servants to wealthy members of the Ottoman Empire. In effect this was a sort of conscription with a compensatory sum being paid to the parents, rather than a slave market as is often depicted. This fate was preferable to that of the grinding poverty which must have been the lot of many of the poor in the Caucasus. As has been mentioned, one such group even became the lords of Egypt for a while. 4 Feasting and Dancing The community as a whole cemented its relationship by means of large feasts and dancing.

Integral to the feasts is dancing. Both young and old dance and sing at such festivities. Women's dances emphasise gliding movements and overall gracefulness. The men's dances at times seem to verge on the physically impossible: enormous leaps, dancing on the toes without padding, dancing on the knees, and dancing with a blur of daggers or sabres. Horsemanship reaches one of its peaks in a round dance, the wugya (Kabardian /wa-gy-a/ many (= a valence affix)-turn-intransitive), in which the horsemen dance in a circle on their horses, each horse facing inward.

Utterances made and positions taken cannot be withdrawn without the loss of face. Thus, compromise and dialogue are difficult to establish, and most energy is directed to staving off discord rather than handling it once it has begun. 1 The Elderly One must show respect to elders; especially the young must do so. Elders are not merely shown respect, but are expected in turn to show a full range of passions and activities in their advanced years, albeit of a somewhat reduced form. No one thinks an elder person foolish if they fall in love or seek a mate.

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