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This grammar offers an total description of Gaagudju, a now approximately extinct language of northern Australia. Gaagudju differs from so much formerly defined Australian languages in a couple of methods. It indicates marked alterations within the realizations of under pressure and unstressed syllables. It has complicated structures of prefixation in addition to suffixation. there's a transparent contrast among efficient and unproductive morphology, with a large number of the morphology being unproductive. whereas note order is usually unfastened, strictly ordered phrasal compounding constructions are vital.

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Lenition of the velar stop is also attested following consonants in fast speech. ' [beel8=mba] [jijelwabeecge^i] Post-consonantal lenition is uncommon, and appears only to be possible when the preceding consonant is a non-nasal sonorant. It is not attested following nasals (/ngg/ is a particularly frequent cluster - Table 3-2). These fast speech lenitions appear to conform to the general pattern of fast speech phenomenon. They are attested reducing unstressed, rather than stressed, syllables. The general patterning of velar stop lenitions tends to suggest that they should be understood as a sequence g > w > 0 , at least historically.

The same pattern is found with the mid, back vowel /o/. (2-84) gabaloowadi [gabeloo( w )edi] ~ *[gabel0o( w )edi] 'road' Continuant realisations, which generally appear to be transitional in nature, are commonly found when one of the neighbouring vowels is a non-back vowel. (2-85) arnbiiwu [aribii( w )u] 'gun' However, if they are absent, and the back vowel is the following vowel, then the /w/ may lack a realisation altogether. If both neighbouring vowels are back vowels, then continuant realisations are uncommon.

The combination of these various factors means that voiceless stop realisations were most commonly produced as realisations of fbl and /g/ in the environment set out in (2-12). (2-12) stressed vowel (non-nasal sonorant) _ [-back] vowel Segmental phonology 25 However, even within the speech of Peggy Balmana, these factors did not produce a consistent pattern of realisation. Thus she consistently realised baaba 'father' as [baaba] and not as [baapa], even though the medial fb! is preceded by a stressed /a/ vowel.

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