Fearn T., Brown P.J., Besbeas P.'s A Bayesian decision theory approach to variable selection PDF

By Fearn T., Brown P.J., Besbeas P.

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The miracle is the highly visible form in which God can undertake an intervention in the course of the world and the law of nature in accord with providentia dei specialis. Incidentally, there are also divine interventions that do not appear as miracles. For this reason, picking a lot at random from an urn, for instance, does not necessarily reveal a position taken by God. “Imagine that I am alone in a room, and dice are lying on the table. ”26 The lot is a decision by chance only for him who has provided certain rules of procedure for inquiries.

Here we see natural discourse on its way to ascertaining a statement of faith—but this is done only by performatively accepting given modes of performing acts of speaking. To put it pointedly, “Let us now speak according to our natural lights,” means: “Let us now talk” (instead of clinging to propositional statements), that is: “Let us switch the text to the mode of discourse corresponding to the lumen naturale” (to the execution of reasonable discourse instead of the description of reasonable contents and the constative ascertainment of reasonable matters).

They have no more and no less to do with such chance events as games of hazard or lot drawings than with any other occurrences in this world. Games of hazard and decisions by lot are arrangements of events that count as chance for the players and those who cast the lots. Hence it is possible to bring Calvin’s first argument, the constitutive coupling of institution and decision, to bear on gaming, and particularly on games of chance. This invocation of institutional arbitration occurs no longer so much in respect to a theological as it does now to a juridical anthropology.

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A Bayesian decision theory approach to variable selection for discrimination by Fearn T., Brown P.J., Besbeas P.

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